Message in a Bottle

It would seem that every day of the clean up, there is a bottle near the sea. Could be plastic or glass. Could be empty or it could be full (of sand, alcohol, sea water, rubbish or stones). It could have a lid or it could not. It could be in the water or on the sand, buried or rolling around. But it’s nearly always somewhere on the beach. Not being used, not being recycled. It’s just there.

I have not found a message in one yet. Yet I find that each one of them carries a message and a story. Have you ever though of how the bottle was produced, who used it and how it ended up on the shore where you are now standing? Well, I have many a times, imagining trips around the word, creation, decomposition, ingestion and pollution. And here are the messages these #1WeekChallenge voyagers carried.

When you are drunk you rarely think about the environment… So better concentrate on the environment while you are not wasted… this first bottle was found on the first day and although it was being jostled about by the waves it still had some sort of alcoholic beverage in it. You could say: glass is 100% recyclable over and over again. And besides, it is even made with sand! So what would the problem be? In the sea that bottle is slowly eroded and is made into small particles of glass called glass crystals. These are very researched by collectioners and are even exposed in museums. … But what happens when this bottle breaks and its edges do not smooth out? Well, the we get cut on the beach, the fish get cut in the sea and birds get cut when swallowing something that to them seamed like food.

 When you leave a bottle on the beach, you often know where it will reach. I found a bottle full of sand and while in my hand it was “safe”, you must understand that if I had not been there, the story would differ. Although I found it, it was no longer recyclable. Bashed and battered and filled with sand it was no longer able to be restored. The cap was on, and the stones had visibly been forced in. Someone left it, the label was intact and although they chose in fact to leave it on the shore, they could have chosen to act and walked to the bin a few steps more.


Feeling crushed does not mean you are defeated. The third bottle I want to talk to you about is one that had visibly been crushed by the waves. But even so, it was there and I could use it. Use it to write this blog. Use it to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Use it to remind myself that what I do has an impact. Because although I might feel defeated under the weight of plastic in today’s world. Although I might feel sad of the lack of commitment of people. The battle has not been lost. The conscience is being created and the message is being transmitted. I might feel like a crushed plastic bottle washed up on the shore but I was there to give a message and will continue doing it still. Just like that bottle that you threw away and will still be on the planet for a long, long time…




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