Far apart but close in heart

Dedos P&II had a “crush” on him since I was a little girl. We met in church and he was kind of the cheeky boy. We did not talk much, if at all and then he had to go to the teens group since he was older than me. His best friend asked me to be his girlfriend but I did not want that, I was secretely falling for the boy with curly hair.

Time went by and we still just exchanged glances. I was 13 and going to the UK, I knew I would not see him for 3 months in a row. I asked my sister what to do and she said I would see him again, but for little teenaged me it felt like to long.
I told him via e-mail how I felt about him, although I was not even sure what that meant.
Later I thought that was cowardly and should have said it to his face and then when I came back from the trip it was as if nothing had happened.
We still did not talk and I slowly started wanting to forget him.
A year passed and my childhood dream had become so distant I almost could not touch it. Until before camp he told me he wanted to tell me the story of his ex girlfriend and what had happened with them.
We sat together on a bench and he told me their story, I was feeling a bit sick so he bought me water, he told me my eyes looked like sun flowers and I started melting again.

16 of February 2011 he asked me to be his girlfriend! I could not believe it! Really? Was this happening? I was scared to lose our small friendship so I made him promise that whatever this lead to we would always be friends.
42 gorgeous months together and then I had to go off to another country. Come to France, strart my studies, be away for a while. Beri

Many people asked: “will you miss him?”… of course I would! Many people asked: “will he come and see you?” as if money grew on trees! Many people said: “how will you make it last?”… but we did not know how, we just knew it would.
And it has now been more than a year since I have seen him, more than a year since I have hugged him, kissed him, walked beside him… but guess what I still love him!

People ask me: “Is it hard?”, I say “It’s different”. People ask me “How can you bear it?”, I say “It’s the Lord”. Others just congratulate me, as if I was the one making all the effort. But Love comes from both sides and as 1 Corinthians 13 sais: Love is Patient (…) It always Protects, always Trusts, always Hopes, always Perseveres. There is nothing to be proud of, just happy that the Lord blessed me with someone who is also willing to take the challenge to make us better people, have something to hope for and cherrish what we have.Faith
A friend of mine once asked me what love was and so here is what I answered in brief: For me love is friendship, love is trust, love is memories, love is an action, love is faith, love is a choice, love is a commitment, love is joy, love is a promise, love is care. But love is also an effort, love is a question, love is a discovery, love is atrip. To me love is a story that has been told, is being made and will be continued.

LoveI could ramble on about how wonderful he is, about how exciting this new stage in our relationship is, about how blessed I feel right now but I will leave it at that.
Straight from the heart, no edits, no re reads, just an extremely shortened version of Love in my life and gratitude about it.


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