When Words are Worthful

Sometimes people ask me why I do not say swear words and the answer I have always given is that they carry no meaning to me. While before they were much more powerful and now they have become part of everyone’s slang, I have never thought it useful to swear or insult.
And to me, whenever someone insults me it hurts like a dagger in the flesh. It has not been often but I remember once that someone that did not even know me called me “Rufla”. It is not even a very offensive word but I took it very personally and was really upset by it. To the point that I remember even today!
I also remember one time when a new guy said something to me in the middle of the class and one of my friends noticed how I cringed. This new guy did not know that he was the first person ever to insult me (that I remember), and I just stayed silent. This did not stop him from becoming a really good friend of mine, but I still remember that the first words he said to me were not kind.
I have been blessed to not have that many words thrown around me that to me have no meaning. I have been blessed not to have to deal with a hurtful heart for simple words said to me. But it is true now that things that may seem inoffensive or unhurting to most, do carry a weight in them for me. So I chose not to respond to them, not to create an argument over something that in the end, to me should be worthless.
I chose to concentrate on kind words, meaningful sentences, uplifting verses and instructive teachings. And these are what I call Worthful words.
For instance, although I do not like to be called perfect (for me only God is perfect), or I do not like to think of myself as “to kind” (for fear of conformism), I appreciate it when people show me their appreciation with words that to them mean something to.
100_5970When someone tells me that I brought a smile to their day then it makes me smile. When someone just says thank you, I am thankful to – for the words they say.
But then there are also personal ways to express kidness. Like one day my grandmother called me her sunshine and it has stuck with me, making me feel special. My grandfather quoted someone by saying I had a permanent gold for life. A few friends of mine have told me that I inspire them and that inspires me to become better each day.
And every day words that may seem “quickly said and quickly heard” are not quickly forgotten.
All these words, of kindness, gratitude, love, I keep in my heart preciously. Because to me they are full of worth. Full of meaning. And I cherish them also in my “happiness” book that helps me in times of sadness where I just remember how the Lord has blessed me with so many worthful people and how he has made me smile more times than the stars in the sky.


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