Yet we do nothing…

imageOne attack in a “First world country” is enough to understand why many people leave their homes in the middle east or Africa. When we start feeling the same fear as others we become more empathic with others. We just need to live an attack to understand that nowhere in the world should this be normal.
But although as humans we understand it, governments are still closing their borders. People are hiding in their homes instead of opening their arms to others.

imageWhy did some states in the US decide no longer to accept refugees? We have understood why they are fleeing yet we have closed our doors. We have seen what they are living yet we have decided to shut our eyes. We have heard their cries yet we have covered our ears. We have protested against death yet we have shut up about other injustices. We have seen houses destroyed yet we build up walls to “protect us”. We have been discouraged yet we discourage others from coming into our world. We have been attacked and yet we still keep attacking other countries. We have mourned and cried and yet we ignore other people’s cries. A spotlight was put on us and we are not willing to share it. We stay awake in vigils yet we don’t let others sleep while bombarding their lives.

imageThere is talk about deaths in France. There is silence for the ones who died. There is peace in the form of a tower. There are stories told all over the world. But when we talk about the world, we are talking about others. When we talk about Syria we talk as if they were the problem. When we talk about Nigeria we criticise militant Islamist groups. When we talk about Brussels we talk about target groups. Yes, we talk, we talk much. We criticise. We say we pray, but do we really? We say we care, but do we really? We march for France (and the rest of the world) but do we really strive for a better world? We criticise the governments but what would we do if we were in their shoes? We ask for peace, but do we live it? We donate money but do we donate love? We want to know our future but do we help others have a better prospect?


It’s time for us to act, not blah blah. It’s time for us to love, not for us to hate. Its time for us to be, not for us to follow the heard. It’s time for us to use kindness, not to be troubled by blindness. It’s time for us to open our eyes to see the injustice, uncover our ears to hear the cries and use our voices to make others react together with us.

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