1/5 of a Century!

When I was 5 years old, my Mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wrote down “happy”! They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.
– John Lennon

This quote englobes what I feel right now. Of course I want to be happy I said to myself! And then I realized I don’t have to wait till I “grow up” to be happy. I have been happy these past 20 years and learned so much that I want to share a few things with you that I have learned in these happy years.

  1. Leaps of faith give the best rewards

I do not mean any leap! So not like risking your life leaping of a cliff kind of stuff. I mean the kind you have prayed about10923473_10205074996610257_4894837512287412397_n, thought about and there is nothing left to do but leap. I was scared of taking them, when I was “young” and in my teens I was scared of taking decisions. “Had I spend this money correctly?” could be one of the questions but is was more the long lasting decisions that scared me the most. What Baccalaureate should I study? (I never chose, the head master had to choose for me!… and he made the right decision BTW).

The biggest decision I have taken in the recent years was to change degree and stay in France by doing so. I don’t know what it will look like in the future but I know it was the right one. After pondering, stressing and dithering I was confident I had all the pieces together, and it worked! J So never be scared to leap if you feel you should do it.

  1. Childhood dreams do come true

Don’t be impatient! The fulfilment of those dreams will come at some point, maybe not in the shape you expected.

10872794_10205061008540564_744545743648701844_oI dreamed of a guy that would love me, respect me, help me grow and compliment me. I met him in 2007. I thought I loved him in 2009. And we became a couple in 2011. Together to this day, I can say, dreams do come true. Patience and love (here is a snipped of our story).

I also dreamed of going to Venice. 3 days ago it happened and it was all I expected it to be and more! I was only there for a day and hope to go back some day, but that bucket list I never wrote is getting ticked off quickly J

The harp was always one of those instruments I wanted to learn and here I am having started it a year ago and loving it.

Still dreaming and so blessed to live promises day by day, fulfilment of dreams and of hopes I never ever realized I had.

  1. Friendship is not measured in years

“I knew that already” you can say. But it is something I learned over time. They can be short, long, every day, once in a while, but friendship is something I have been blessfriendsed with. So many wonderful people in my path, my story. From family members, brothers and sisters from church, to school friends, roommates, team mates, travelers or even random people who somehow came my way. They say it is better to have few very good friends than many acquaintances. I have been blessed to have so many good friends that I can count on, visit, laugh with, cry with and learn with. No need to have known them for 10 years or even 1, they are added by the day and their friendship means as much to me as a life long companion.

  1. Living for your principles makes you happy

IMG_0155When I got to Lyon I decided I would no longer use plastic bags. I have lived 16 months in this way now and it is possible! I also decided I would no longer buy “unhappy meat” that had suffered to arrive to my plate and I am living happily in this way! No need to write wishes on new years’ eve to fulfil in the year. Just need to work on who you want to be (“We are what we do to change who we are” Eduardo Galeano).

  1. Family is priceless

Of course we know family is priceless but when we are far away it seems we appreciate things and people more. I am so blessed to have family all over the world and I have not spent a holiday where I could not see some of its members. Helping make decisions, being companions in craziness, being there every step of the way. And of course, I am so blessed to have my father in heaven everywhere! 😀


  1. Kindness starts by ME

Seeing so many sad articles, terrifying news heartitems sometimes we lose faith in humanity. But then we realize if we do not teach by example we cannot expect of others to do something we do not dare do. Paying it forward, thanking people, acting as we would like to be treated, smiling, small things that keep the world afloat 🙂

  1. You can never smile/laugh too much

teethI love smiling, and all those who know me have probably noticed. From laughter fits to daily smiles or simply a light giggle I love smiling. Laughter is actually good for your health, for your bladder and of course for the good kind of wrinkles 🙂

  1. God is good … all the time

And all the time… God is good. I can no longer counthija del rey how many promises have been fulfilled, how many times I have been protected, how many blessings have been mine! From having met my 4 grandparents and even great grand parents, to have been born in Peru, to have a scholarship for Uni, and of course a certainty of eternal life! My merit is none and so I feel so grateful, in awe and with such joy once again for being part of this big plan of love and purpose.

  1. Victories are not the only important things

The journey for me has been so important. I remember in athletic always wanting to get a medal and when I finally did it was so surreal; I was really glad. But I had other goals and kept running. Now it’s not necessarily in sports that I look for victories, it can be in any aspect of life. None the less I think the journey y so much more important than the outcome, because learning, living and dreaming is better than stopping and looking back with no feel of having learned along the way.
On a side line: this reminds me also that studies are not the only important thing. I have learned so much more by doing that I think it is so indispensable it cannot be overlooked.


  1. Flying cows (last but not least)

Flying cows do exist! They might not exist flying about in nature. But they exist in my imagination. In the smiles I get when I talk about them. In the drawings people make and in the stories people tell. And if you have not met them by now, it is about time you did 😉


So many more things I have learned but they are endless. These are the ones that have sprung out at me immediately and have been confirmed throughout this last teenage year of mine. Thank you for all of you who have been part of my journey and will always be part of me in some way. Thank you Lord for guiding my steps and Ready to keep learning and traveling the world with steps, thoughts, memories and smiles with so many amazing people by my side. And to those who I meet later along the road, get ready to change me some more and help me be better every day. ❤






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