If money were not an issue

If money were not an issue. If money were not in the equation. If money were not relevant.


Sitting around a dining room table, finishing up some dinner on a Friday night, the question popped up: “If money were not a problem, what would you do?”.
What started off as a question for 1, turned into a conversation for all.
One after the other people started saying: “I would sing”, “I would work for the slavery issue”, “I would start a company”, “I would work in the church”, “I would live in the countryside” …

Then it was my turn, and honestly I had time to think, but could not think of what to say. I eventually figured out what I wanted to say, but I did not want to sound arrogant while saying it. “What would I do? … I would keep doing what I am doing right now.” I could not even believe I was saying those words. I mean, every day I think of things I would like to change and “This is the answer I come up with?”.

Here is why I said it.

If money were not an issue I would like to work for free. But… isn’t that what I am doing now? Working as a volunteer to surpass poverty, writing in a newspaper to keep people informed, creating projects for the Lyon area, … all things I do without pay, that I love and where money is not an issue.

If money were not an issue I would love to keep learning every day. Don’t I do that already? As a student I can learn, have access to books, discover new things… and of course by living in another country I learn so much from just leaving my bedroom door. And I love it (of course there are hardships, but with or without money, they are there).

If money were not an issue I would travel as much as I could. Can’t I see I am doing it?Back in Peru I discovered my love for travel, in “the best country in the world” (totally not subjective). But have not yet gotten to explore it fully. Now in Europe I have only just started the discoveries and ready for so many more. Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands… So much done and so much left to do, I would not change it!


If money were not an issue I would eat ethically, locally and free of suffering. Does that seem to expensive for a student budget? Yet that is what I try and do! Of course it involves sacrifices, not being able to eat yummy plasticized banana chips, or Peruvian traveling mangoes, or even a sad pork chop. But gosh! I am so much happier like this.

If money were not an issue I would follow my dreams. And don’t we all?
I would learn the harp; it’s been a year since I started! I would learn how to quilt; I have done some of it now. I would teach people about pollution, I try to every day. I would bike around the world, and I am sure it is coming soon!


If money were not an issue I would just try to be better every day. Because as Eduardo Galeano said: “We are what we do to change who we are.” And if money were not an issue I would still strive to be better every day, fight for my dreams, for justice. I would still love the Lord; I would still be myself. Because, money is not an issue and the doors that have opened I have loved to walk through. As to those who have been closed they were not there to be crossed.

What would you do if money were not an issue? … What are you doing now?

Ps. Of course money is not the only factor to take into account. But since this was the question asked, that is the one I answered 🙂



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