Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is… at least that is what they say.
I always thought it was one place & would always be that way.
But then I moved country and then I went far away.
It was then I realised that having your heart in 2 places is OK.

My heart is in my home country, back in Peru.
It’s where I took my first steps and where I learned to speak too.
It’s in the Valleys, mountains and the sea that’s not so blue.
It’s full of yummy foods and delicious things to chew.

My heart is also full of Welsh blood with singing and smiles.
With a feeling of welshness together with family history files.
My heart is full of memories, and trips and little gorgeous isles.
It’s bursting with trees and animals on pastures spread for miles.

My heart is full of French experiences and craziness as well.
It’s full of baguettes and cheeses and adventures to tell.
My heart is full of gratitude for this city painted with pastel.
It’s filled with expressions and smells of streets full of caramel.

If home is where my heart is, it’s a place where I have friends.
Home is Belgium, Spain, The States and a list that never ends.
Home is all the places I have captured in my camera lens.
Home becomes a place I can always stay at on weekends.

 Home is where the heart is, and my heart is split to pieces.
It’s not painful, it’s just grateful with love that always increases.
Home is with those people, friends and caring faces.
Home is in those places that are more than masterpieces.

Home is where my heart is, and now I know what that means.
It’s more than that idea of a household that I had in my teens.
Home is full of smells, colours, senses and multiple cuisines.
Home is more than simple DNA passed through my genes.

 My heart is where home is and I am not at all confused,
That means I can have many homes in places I have cruised.
I can travel, remember, laugh and be amused,
Also thank all the people for places where I have snoozed.



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