Because the wind won’t stop blowing

If your excuse to using fossil fuels is that sustainable energy is too expensive. I challenge you to think again. Did you know Iceland’s electricity supply comes from 100% renewable energy? Were you aware that Lesotho is powered by the Highlands Water Project (LHWP)? And damn those dams in Paraguay! The Itaipu production is expected to produce over 90 million MWh (Mega Watts per hour). Was it costly at first? YES! Is it worth it now! OF COURSE! Whether it is Europe, Africa, Latin America or anywhere else in the world, it is possible to rely on sustainable energies. But why do we need to use them even more now than before?


Geothermal springs generate energy and hot water for homes. On top of that thermal baths (like the blue lagoon) are to be used. Photograph-Corbis

Our current energy consumption is killing the planet and killing us. According to green-e 66% of the sulfur dioxide in the US comes from electricity generation. Sulfur dioxide causes breathing problems, pulmonary weakness and also increments the probability of cardiovascular diseases to be worse. On top of that, nuclear energy around the world is produced by uranium which we will have run out of in about 60 years. It’s not sustainable. So non green energy is creating this climate crisis and does not last eternally. Sustainable energy on the other hand can help us emerge of this crisis victorious.

Sustainable energy will create jobs and save money. In a testimony published by the Huffington Post we learn that a family who now uses electric cars will save about $2,715 in gasoline per year. Also, by investing in solar panels the yearly savings are of $2,280. The price of building solar plants having dropped 25% in just 5 months, it becomes more and more affordable! Speaking from personal experience, my grandparents invested in solar panels and can on the long run sell some to the UK government with the excess they produce!


Source: EIA, CIA, World bank, Bernstein Analysis

In terms of creating a better work environment and favoring economic growth, sustainable energies are experts. Zoran Jankovic, mayor of Ljubljana could tell you more about that since he contributed to making this city in Slovenia a “Green Capital” in Europe for 2016.

Creating profit is not the main goal of sustainable energies though. We now know we will not mess up the economy with these changes in energy supply, but will these changes really make a difference in climate change? Let’s find out!

  • Googles study on clean energy innovation shows that aggressive energy innovation would reduce US oil consumption by over 1.1 billion barrels per year and reduce US total greenhouse gas emissions by 13% by 2030.
  • Renewable energy sources are not limited. The sun will not stop shining. The wind will not stop blowing. The water will not stop flowing. So we use nature but do not take anything away from it. It will not disappear. Climate change will no longer be an issue.
  • REN21’s study published in 2015 stated that “Renewable power plants currently account for more than 22% of total global electricity generation”. Without this, total emissions from the power sector would have been 20% higher. Renewable energy is making a difference in climate change, and we need to give it more protagonism so we can stop climate change. global-greenhouse-gas-emissions
  • If you still need more convincing listen to what the EREC has to say about renewable energy in the European Union (EU). It’s calculations show that in 2020 we could be saving 1.200 Million tons of CO2 in comparison to 1990 which would mean that by 2050, 90% of the EU emissions in terms of energy would be cut.

Building a world based on renewable energy is not a utopia, it’s the truth that we are building with the people who are willing. It’s part of the path to end climate change and certainly part of the future because there is no sign of stopping, just like the wind wont stop.




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